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Hole by Hole Tour

The Course

Make the most of your visit to Catterick with our course map. For a more detailed visual of the 18 holes, click on the map or the individual hole images below. You might find the “local knowledge” about each hole helpful in planning your round.


The Course – Hole 1 – Stalag

A tough opening hole that is slightly uphill and often into wind, the first plays longer than the 412 yards on the card. The green also slopes from back to front and tilts from right to left and your approach putt will be much easier if you are below the hole. You should not feel unhappy with a five at this stroke index three hole.

The Course – Hole 2 – The Wood

A good drive is required to reach the corner of the dogleg on this hole, especially into the prevailing wind and with the fairway sloping from left to right it would be wise to keep as far left as possible to give a good view of the green for the approach shot. Watch the wind on the second shot – it often pushes the ball from left to right and towards the right hand bunker. The green is tiered and is quick when putting from left to right.

The Course – Hole 3 – Heartbreak Hill

Like the first, the drive is uphill and the hole plays longer than the yardage suggests. The second shot is generally blind unless you hit a mighty drive and the marker post behind the green is invaluable. The large green is protected at the front by bunkers to both left and right and, as its stroke index of one suggests, a five here should bring a smile to your face while a four should generate a grin.

The Course – Hole 4 – The Barn

This is a really good par five. From the tee, the fairway is quite wide but there is some nasty gorse over the small ridge on the right and the fairway slopes from right to left so a good drive down the middle is important. The longer hitters can get home in 2 but for most this is a true par 5 with a tricky approach shot which needs to be carefully run up to the green or hit to the putting surface with lots of backspin. On a clear day take a few moments to admire the panoramic view from the tee.

The Course – Hole 5 – Hillside

Often into wind, the fifth plays longer than its yardage suggests. From the white tees, many players will be hitting a fairway wood or a driver. In any event, the target is the funnel of fairway leading up to the green from which the ball will usually kick left towards the middle of the green.

The Course – Hole 6 – Dog Leg

The sixth proves that a hole doesn’t have to be long to be testing. A good drive will leave a straightforward looking shot to the elevated two-tier green. However, the fairway slopes against you and you will need more club than the yards suggest

The Course – Hole 7 – Windy Corner

Curving round from right to left and played from an elevated tee, this is a hole where a good drive will leave a shortish second shot to the green. Be wary though of the ridge just short of the green which can catch a ground-hugging approach shot

The Course – Hole 8 – The Island

This par three has a slightly elevated green which means that you will not see its full extent from the tee. Aim left of the front right hand bunker and a good shot will leave a chance of a birdie.

The Course – Hole 9 – The Farmhouse

You can see the whole of this hole from its elevated tee. It has quite a wide fairway and there is more room than you think on the right – but not that much. The second shot can be blind when the marker post behind the green will be helpful. The green itself is long, quite thin and elevated at the back.

The Course – Hole 10 – The Dipper

This is a hole where a good drive will leave a straightforward shot to the elevated green. Check the yardage before you play your second though and remember that the elevated green adds a few yards to the shot – a lot of players come up short.

The Course – Hole 11 – The Lonesome

This hole doglegs to the right and many players can reach it in two shots and claim a birdie or even an eagle. However, if you cannot reach in two you would do well to hit a second shot which leaves a decent wedge or nine iron shot to the elevated green.

The Course – Hole 12 – The Valley

A short par four which the longer hitters can drive. Beware the out of bounds left and right, a wayward drive could result in a 6 or a good drive could be a birdie opportunity.

The Course – Hole 13 – The Mess

At 153 yards from the whites this is the shortest par 3 on the course. The green is narrow and if you miss left, right or long and it will run away from the green and leave a tricky second. Under club and you will come up short and leave a 20 to 30 yard bunker shot. Correct club selection is a must with the wind usually helping.

The Course – Hole 14 – The Homeward

The drive is blind, although you can see the green in the distance from the tee. The tee shot will normally kick right towards the out of bounds and the second needs to be firmly hit at the slightly elevated green. The stroke index of two means that most mortals can afford a five here. The 14th is the only hole on the course where the par for the ladies differs from the men with 14 playing as a par 5 from the ladies tee.

The Course – Hole 15 – The Ditch

Drive towards the marker post and you will be left with a slightly uphill second shot to a green which is cleverly guarded by one strategically placed bunker on the right. This is a tricky green to putt and if you can place your second so that you are putting from below the hole you will have done well. You may feel that the stroke index of four is generous when you are standing on the tee but your mind might have changed by the time you hole out!

The Course – Hole 16 – The Willow

A spectacular looking dogleg hole from the white and yellow tees with the teeing area set back in the woods. The fairway slopes down to the hole and the ball tends to move from left to right on the approach shot to this generous green.

The Course – Hole 17 – Destructor

With out of bounds on the left and a ditch on either side of the fairway at the bottom of the hill, this tee shot needs to be thought about. A good drive will leave a shortish second to the elevated green.

The Course – Hole 18 – Devil’s Elbow

With woods on either side off the tee you want a straight drive on this dogleg final hole. The green is generous and a good drive will set you up for a straightforward approach shot. Two putts for a four and you will be well pleased with the result but do not be too disappointed if you take five.