Mon March 27 2017

Concentrate for better golf

Combating Stress


Many golfers, including the professionals, claim they find it difficult to hold their concentration for a full round. Throughout a round concentration levels ebb and flow. Many people think they should be able to concentrate 100% on their golf from the first tee until they flop in the bar after the round. This is impossible. It is important to be focused on the task in hand but concentration is only needed ‘when its needed’. Our mental energy reserves can be drained if we overdo things and put high expectations on ourselves.


Try to consciously practise ‘not concentrating’ in between shots - still gently focused on your game but switching off so that your mind can have a  wander and a rest. Then you approach your next shot you can swing back into gear. Think about a time when you know your mind was completely with you. Be aware of your feelings. How do you know when you’re happy with a shot. What are your thoughts doing when you are calm and totally focused.


By becoming an observer of yourself it becomes easy to replicate good golf. Concentration can become attainable when needed by reminding yourself how you did it before. After doing it a few times it becomes programmed behaviour and it is then automatic.


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