Mon March 27 2017

Shot shaping

Shot Shaping

How to Hit a Fade

If you are considering a fade, your swing will have to change slightly to ensure the clubface remains fractionally open at impact. But keep the number of swing thoughts to a minimum. One simple thought that will help create the right movement is to focus on 'bumping' your shoulders towards the target as you begin your downswing. This ensures that your upper body rotates slightly ahead of your arms, holding the clubface open.



How to hit a draw

To hit a draw your arms need to lead your body's rotation - this will cause the blade to close as you strike the ball. Think about starting your downswing with your hands. Let your hands drop at the top of the backswing and lead your body through impact.



Prepare for the shot

Visualise the shot first by standing behind the ball and imagine the shape and trajectory of the shot you are about to hit. Then, with the image of the shot still in your mind, make one practice swing. By rehearsing the shot mentally and physically you are now ready to hit the ball, so don't freeze in your set-up position.  

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Few courses are completely flat and wheather it's an uphill, downhill or sidehill lie, it's important to get it right. Balance and stance are one part of the equation, but club selection and aim are just as important.

GASP Your Way To Better Golf

Most swing faults can be ironed out before you even strike the ball. Simply check your Grip, Alignment, Stance and Posture if you want to get see your scores tumbling down.

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